First you love, and peace will follow.


Join Us As We Celebrate Flag of Love Day


For the Love of our Pets


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For peace makers, listen to Flag of Love and Peace. For animal lovers, Forever.

There’s a song for Christmas, too; Little Donkey, Little Lamb.

Love Unfurled Poem

He stole my heart one summer’s night
Shimmering, glistening, shining bright
He talked to me in a silvery tone
While by the sea I walked alone

Come with me from this sad world
To happiness and love unfurled
Look around you, what do you see
Hunger, hatred, war and greed
In your world there is little heart
Come with me, from your world depart

But this is my home, the place of my birth
My love is the mountains, the entire earth
True, there is war here and we must bear it
Until man can see the earth’s beauty and share it

I cannot leave my world, I love it too dear
I’m not afraid of my world, I won’t run from here
I cannot go with you to your world strange and new
So goodbye, dear friend, I’ll always remember you